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Coronavirus Disrupts Events!
Case Studies on How Enterprises are Launching Virtual Meeting Events

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The Coronavirus pandemic is expected to cost the global economy trillions of dollars. Businesses are impacted in unprecedented ways and events are among the hardest hit. With event postponements, cancelations, and travel limitations caused due to coronavirus, businesses are implementing virtual solutions to mitigate the loss in the sales pipeline due to canceled meetings at these events.

In this webinar, our experts shared case studies about how some enterprises are managing the current uncertainties by using Meeting Automation Platforms and continue to drive sales pipeline and growth by launching and managing Virtual Meeting Events.

Find out how:

  • A large Service Provider pre-empted the effect of meeting cancelations at the NAB show
  • A large Systems Vendor mitigated the impact of meeting cancelations at HIMSS 2020 with Virtual Meeting Events of their own
  • How users reschedule or book new virtual meetings and effortlessly manage and track all the in-person and virtual meetings from within the Jifflenow platform

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