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Customer Engagement and Events in the Backdrop of a Pandemic

How to Schedule, Manage, and Analyze ‘Virtual Meetings’ when Live Events are not an Option

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The coronavirus has been disrupting businesses and the economy worldwide in unprecedented ways. With events getting canceled in response to safety concerns, enterprises are losing out on their sales pipeline, because they can no longer have customer meetings at events.

To mitigate the effects of the pandemic, companies are turning to the Virtual Meetings enabled Meeting Automation Platform (MAP) to continue engaging with customers.

Be it in-person or virtual, the challenge is in scheduling and managing B2B customer meetings, especially when relying on legacy tools such as spreadsheets and emails. This whitepaper will explain why hundreds of enterprises have implemented a Meeting Automation Platform to seamlessly schedule more number of high quality in-person as well as virtual meetings.

  • What are virtual meetings and virtual meeting events and why are they the best antidote for business and event professionals in a state of panic
  • The impact of Meeting Automation Platforms on seamless meeting management
  • How to convert in-person meetings to virtual meetings when events are canceled
  • How to plan for upcoming events in times of uncertainty
  • Virtual Meetings capabilities