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Can’t Plan Live Events Due To COVID-19? Launch and Manage Your 'Virtual Meeting Events'

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The COVID-19 is causing a major impact on all businesses and their ability to meet customers at live events. With major events getting canceled or postponed, organizations are searching for ways to engage hundreds of prospects and customers effectively. Companies risk the loss of advancing pipeline and closing deals because executives and experts can’t meet prospects and customers.

In this live webinar, you will learn about Meeting Automation Platforms and their impact on customer meeting management, how to organize Virtual Meeting Events to overcome challenges caused by uncertainty from upcoming live events. We will discuss how these campaigns can facilitate meetings with hundreds of targeted prospects and customers.

Our experts will share:

  • How a Meeting Automation Platform simplifies meeting management for different types of events
  • What are Virtual Meeting Events and how to plan them
  • Easily convert your existing in-person meetings to Virtual
  • Best practices for planning around uncertainty of future events

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Chief Marketing Officer,


Director of Product Marketing,