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2 Case Studies on How to Drive more Virtual Customer Meetings

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Organizations today are looking for innovative ways to engage prospects and customers via digital programs. Enterprise marketing and sales want to quickly find ways to schedule a large number of virtual meetings for prospects and customers to meet experts to advance the sales pipeline. For example, did you know that follow up customer meetings with experts and executives, post webinars and virtual events have been known to be great ways to drive pipeline?

In this live webinar, our experts shared case studies on how some enterprises are managing the current uncertainties by using Meeting Automation Platforms and continue to drive sales pipeline and growth by generating a number of virtual meetings through digital events and campaigns.

Find out how some customers:

  • Simplified scheduling of follow up meetings with experts and executives, and attendees of webinars, website leads, and other social media program leads.
  • Enhanced Virtual Events with the ability to book 1 to 1 customer meetings such as Product demos, training sessions, customer success, and expert meetings.

Presented by:

mike joy

Mike Joy
Head of Customer Success,


Kevin Cassidy
Senior Customer Training Specialist,