2021 Virtual and Hybrid Event Strategies to Drive Better Customer Meetings

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Marketers have hopped on the digital bandwagon, and events are no exception. Surveys show that 95% of enterprises are launching or participating in virtual events to educate and engage their target audiences. For many organizations, this year was the first time they have decided to organize virtual events. And for 2021 events, planners are now evaluating new hybrid event formats.

B2B meetings at events have been the cornerstone touchpoint for enterprises. And that’s also true for online events.

How is your organization preparing for these changes? And, do you have a clear strategy for your experts and executives to meet customers and prospects virtually before, during, and after these events?

It may seem obvious, but one of the first questions we hope everyone asks of themselves in this situation is – What is my event strategy for 2021?

In this webinar, Ravi Chalaka, an expert with two decades of experience in the B2B marketing, will discuss:

  • Trends in the virtual and hybrid event in 2021
  • Impact of vaccines on events
  • Strategies for scheduling qualified attendee meetings at all digital events like CES 2021 and NRF 2021
  • Best Practices for driving customer meetings in the hybrid event world
  • Standardizing automation across large and small events for increasing effectiveness and visibility enterprise-wide