3 Case Studies on Driving Meetings from Virtual Events, Webinars and Campaigns

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Organizations are always on the lookout for innovative ways to engage prospects and customers via digital programs. Enterprise marketing and sales want to find ways to easily schedule virtual meetings with qualified prospects to meet experts to advance sales opportunities. For example, did you know that follow up attendee meetings with experts and executives, post webinars and virtual events are great ways to grow pipeline faster?

In this on-demand webinar, our expert will share case studies on how some enterprises successfully generated a number of virtual meetings through virtual events and campaigns:

  • Leading Cybersecurity company converted its 3-day in-person event to a 3-month virtual ‘Meet the Expert’ campaign to drive meetings and close deals
  • Popular cloud computing company enhanced the virtual event experience by enabling attendees to request 1-to-1 customer meetings such as Product demos and Expert meetings
  • Major computer technology company leveraged Webinars to drive highly relevant interactions with its attendees