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3 Successful ways Marketing can Convert Leads to More Deals

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As the pandemic continues to suppress in-person customer engagement programs such as conferences, tradeshows, and field marketing activities, CMOs are re-allocating budgets to digital marketing activities that generate more sales pipeline. CMOs are also realizing that conversation-ready leads are far more valuable than MQLs.

Marketing Qualified Meetings (MQMs) have become the new tool for CMOs because they allow customers to directly request meetings versus telesales pounding the phone. MQMs from digital campaigns are driving 100s of virtual demos, expert meetings, and executive meetings.

In this webinar, our CMO, Ravi Chalaka, will talk about how successful Digital and Event Marketing teams are helping advance or grow the sales pipeline by converting MQLs to MQMs from marketing campaigns.

Learn how you can:

  • Expand digital marketing campaigns with virtual events to drive MQMs (Marketing Qualified Meetings)
  • Convert leads to engagements from webinars, virtual events, virtual ‘Meet the Expert’ and much more
  • MQM generation is accomplished easily with outbound and inbound automated meeting request tools
  • Automate the scheduling of hundreds of virtual meetings from all your marketing campaigns and grow the sales pipeline faster

Presented by:


Ravi Chalaka

Hosted by:


Jagdish Upadhyay
Head of Product Marketing,