3 Ways To Increase Engagements at Virtual Events Using Inbound Meeting Requests

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CES 2021 is now all-digital. Almost all events are canceled, postponed, or have gone virtual. Budgets are being diverted from in-person programs to other marketing channels such as virtual events and webinars.

But driving real customer engagements online is the key.

So is your next event or conference virtual, digital or live?

We say it doesn’t matter - getting inbound customer engagements with SMEs can be automated.

Join us for this webinar with two of our experts at the forefront to show you how to make your online leads engage more with your business.

This webinar will cover: 3 ways event professionals and marketers like you can use inbound-meeting request pages to automate the scheduling and tracking of customer meetings with SMEs and executives both during and after online programs.

We mean, really. Like how you look at the entire virtual event, webinar, and demand generation programs to create customer engagements....and why Inbound is the key.