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6 Best Practices to Drive Virtual Meetings after Webinars, Virtual events, and Campaigns Effectively

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With all live events getting canceled or postponed, organizations are searching for ways to engage prospects and customers via digital programs. Enterprise marketing and sales want to quickly find ways to schedule a large number of virtual meetings for customers to meet internal experts and executives to advance the sales pipeline.

In this webinar, two of our experts shared the best practices on how to implement and get the most out of your virtual meeting use cases.

Watch this webinar to learn:

  • Tips and tricks on how to get more meetings from webinars
  • Proven methods for securing executive meetings from virtual events
  • Integrations that make the process more efficient and seamless
  • How to make your marketing campaigns generate more conversions
  • How to increase the number of meetings between top accounts and your experts to increase customer satisfaction

Presented by:

Charles Conway

Charles Conway
Head of Professional Services,


Kevin Cassidy
Customer Training Specialist,