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Expert panel share learnings on how 3 large events generated 1000s of customer meetings

6 takeaways from three recent virtual events on how to generate 1000s of customer meetings

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One outcome from COVID-19 has been the rising popularity of virtual events. While these events attract huge numbers of attendees over many days or even weeks, customer engagement at these online venues has been challenging for many marketers.

In this panel discussion, Our CMO and VP of Products, Ravi Chalaka hosts our eminent Customer Success executives - Karen Karpaty and Kevin Cassidy to discuss the first-hand account of how some of their top enterprise customers generated 1000s of virtual meetings at the recent virtual events.

Watch now to learn how these companies increased attendee engagement, boosted ROI, and expanded sales pipelines through:

  • Enabling event sponsors to book meetings
  • Topic mapping: Mapping the right experts to the right topics for easy scheduling
  • Wide range of engagement types - 1-to-1 meetings, VIP briefings, Meet the Expert meetings, product demos, tech rehearsals, etc.
  • Driving inbound meeting requests from prospects and customers
  • Creating multiple experiences within an event
  • Meet the expert sessions and whisper suites
  • Outbound meetings initiated by Sales teams