Fixed to Fluid:
Accelerating Sales Pipeline in the Virtual World

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COVID-19 has wreaked havoc on sales pipeline generation for companies across the globe. With all events canceled or converted to digital - CES 2021 being the latest, it is imperative that businesses take not just their events, but the B2B customer meetings to a digital format as well.
It’s simple - Business gets done at customer meetings that advance the sales pipeline.

In this webinar, our experts share how you can drive real customer engagement and drive pipeline in a virtual world. Watch now to learn how you can:

  • Drive Marketing Qualified Meetings (MQMs) and not just MQLs
  • Generate more sales pipelines by enabling attendees to request meetings with your experts and executives
  • Leverage webinars and virtual events to make it easier for qualified leads to schedule meetings that advance the pipeline



Ryan Porter
VP of Sales,


John-Paul Sansone
Senior Account Executive,