September 23rd, Wednesday, at 11 AM PST / 2 PM EST

Maximize Attendee Engagement and ROI at Virtual Events

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Virtual events are currently among the top marketing strategies for engaging with customers and are here to stay through 2021.

However, with that comes new challenges that require modified strategies and enhanced tools for achieving results.

And while most companies have been quick to transition to a virtual format, very few have seen ROI and encouraging results due to lower customer engagement.

Let’s accept it - real engagement means great interactions + follow-up meetings that convert to sales opportunities. If that goal seems hard, you are reading the right email.

In this live webinar on 23rd September at 11 AM PST / 2 PM EST, experts from Jifflenow and SPOON Events will show you how an interactive virtual exhibit drives engagement and enables attendees to easily book meetings that help deliver desired results. Register to learn how to:

  • Create engaging showcases that get visitors to spend more time in your virtual exhibit
  • Enhance attendee experience by delivering your content - optimized for a virtual platform
  • Add Inbound links that enable visitors to sign up for demos, expert meetings, and executive meetings based on topics of their interest

Aaron Karpaty
Head of Strategic Accounts,


Heather Haddad
Account Director,
SPOON Events