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Top 3 Virtual Customer Engagements You can Execute Instantly

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With all major events getting canceled or postponed, organizations are searching for ways to engage prospects and customers via digital programs. Enterprise marketing and sales want to quickly find ways to schedule a large number of virtual meetings for customers to meet internal experts and executives to advance the sales pipeline. We understand this challenge and are helping a number of enterprises to continue engaging with their customers, partners, and distributors, and drive business opportunities using "virtual meetings".

In this live webinar, our experts shared learnings from customers who are leveraging various types of engagements by setting up 'virtual meeting events' of their own. You will learn how to organize campaigns like 'Virtual Meeting Events' and how you can drive meetings with hundreds of targeted prospects and customers.

Find out how customers are:

  • Easily generating follow up virtual customer meetings after online webinars
  • Booking ‘Virtual 1 to 1 Executive Meetings’ or ‘Product Demos’ over an extended period of time following a virtual event
  • Enabling partners or key customers to conduct ‘Meet the Expert’ meetings, 365 days a year

Presented by:

Aaron Karpaty

Aaron Karpaty
Head of Strategic Accounts,


Jagdish Upadhyay
Head of Product Marketing,