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Top 5 Use Cases for Digital Marketing to Convert Leads to Virtual Customer Meetings

In times of crisis, Marketing Qualified Meetings (MQMs) are a vital contributor to sales pipeline development

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That COVID-19 has wreaked havoc on sales pipeline generation for companies across the globe is not an overstatement. Many successful enterprises’ digital marketing teams have realized that they need to transition from the world of MQLs to a world in which conversation-ready leads (MQMs) are the primary marketing currency.

Marketing Qualified Meetings (MQM) with prospects and customers cut down the touchpoints needed to convert leads, drive the sales cycle faster, and increase revenue pipeline better. In this whitepaper, we discuss the top 5 use cases that our customers are finding to be greatly effective in generating MQMs at live and hybrid events, virtual events, post webinars, and more.

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  • What are MQMs?
  • Why MQMs are the new marketing currency
  • Top 5 Use Cases for Converting MQLs to MQMs