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5 Virtual Meeting Use Cases that Convert Leads to Customer Engagements

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COVID-19 has dramatically impacted our way of life and how businesses function. Several marketing programs like in-person events and briefing center visits are canceled and companies are rapidly switching to all virtual engagements with prospects, customers, and partners. World’s most successful companies are executing digital marketing campaigns by driving MQMs (Marketing Qualified Meetings), you can too.

In this live webinar, CMO, Ravi Chalaka will talk about how Digital Marketing teams are helping businesses advance the sales pipeline and shorten the sales cycle.

Register to learn how to:

  • Switch to virtual programs for the best option to engage prospects and customers
  • Expand digital marketing campaigns with virtual events to drive MQMs (Marketing Qualified Meetings) is the way to go
  • Convert leads to engagements from webinars, virtual events, virtual ‘Meet the Expert’ and much more
  • MQM generation is accomplished easily with outbound and inbound automated meeting request tools
  • Automate the scheduling of hundreds of virtual meetings from all your marketing campaigns and grow the sales pipeline faster

Presented by:


Ravi Chalaka
Chief Marketing Officer,


Jagdish Upadhyay
Head of Product Marketing,