Our customers had an incredible month booking thousands of impactful meetings and sessions at major industry events like NRF, ISE, MWC and more worldwide. We’re confident these successes are signs of big things to come for our industry as in-person events continue surging back. In this issue, we’ll be covering:

  • Latest product updates
  • Featured news of the month
  • A Must-Read: An Event Executive’s Strategic Epiphany
  • In case you missed it: A recent 15-minute Express webinar
  • Customer Champion
  • Upcoming events

Product Update:

More Self-Serve Features for Meeting Managers

To increase Meeting Manager’s productivity and efficiency, these major product enhancements enable them to perform many activities in eEvent and eCampaign software without CSM help.

The key self-serve capabilities are:

  • Self-Configure and Manage Inbound Request Page (covered in this newsletter)
  • Delete Sandbox Instances (covered in this newsletter)
  • Self-Create Instances (covered in Feb Newsletter)
  • Self-Configure and Manage Engagement Types (covered in Feb Newsletter)
  • Self-Configure and Edit Notifications (covered in March newsletter)
  • Self-Configure Forms (covered in March newsletter)

Self-Configure and Manage the Inbound Request Page

The Inbound Request Page (IRP) is a user-facing webpage that can be used in your marketing campaigns or on your website to allow people to request a meeting or sign up for a session. It enables end-users to elect the type of engagement and the topic of interest select an available time slot, then fill out their details (name, email, title, and company name), to submit the request.

The IRP can be configured at the instance-level (for the entire event or campaign) or the engagement-level (for a specific type of engagement type). It is mandatory to enable the instance-level IRP to enable it for each engagement type.

Setting Instance-level IRP

Meeting managers (MM) can enable or disable IRP for any instance and configure the IRP to align it with their brand guidelines and enable or disable features. They can add the company logo, and event banner, enable the meet now button (for quick meetings), change the colors of action buttons and highlights, add the engagement types, a header (image or text), content, and form header.

Setting Engagement-level IRP

For each engagement type, the MM can enable or disable the IRP widget to add or remove it from the instance-level IRP and create a separate URL.

IRP booking requests can be configured with three options:

  • Manual scheduling allows the Meeting Manager to process the requests manually upon submission.
  • Auto Scheduling to a mapped IRP allows the system to accept and schedule the engagement with the mapped request page.
  • Auto Scheduling to an unmapped IRP allows the system to automatically accept and schedule the engagement with the unmapped request page.

For more information, please reach out to your CSM.

Delete Sandbox Instances

In the eEvent and eCampaign software, a new event or campaign instance is initially created in a “sandbox” mode to help meeting managers (MM) test the instance before they push it to “Go Live”.

To release the storage space and increase the system's performance, the MM have the option to delete the sandbox instance while pushing the instance to production. The default is set to ‘yes’. This action will delete the sandbox instance meetings, mapping, and sessions.



For more information, please reach out to your CSM.

Jifflenow Product Supports Cisco Webex Rest API

Cisco is phasing out Webex XML APIs and switching to Webex REST APIs, which are more flexible and easier to use. REST APIs support previously supported features like Webhooks, In-meeting controls, webinar management, transcriptions, and more.

Since many of our users use Webex video conferencing functionality, we are pleased to announce that Jifflenow has updated its eEvent and eCampaign software to enable integration with Webex REST APIs to support user-based, host-based, and hostless integration.

Have questions? Don't hesitate to get in touch with your CSM.

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Featured News



Jifflenow Helps Enterprises Book Thousands of B2B Engagements at MWC 2023

After the cancellation of 2020, the postponement of 2021, and the smaller-scale event of 2022, MWC 2023’s success is another sign that in-person B2B events are back. MWC is a significant event for the mobile communications industry, providing abundant business opportunities with over 80,000 attendees. 37 large enterprises attending MWC 2023 utilized Jifflenow to book over 12,000 B2B meetings and sessions, resulting in superior outcomes and measurable ROI for their event investments.
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How Pulling an All-Nighter Managing Spreadsheets Led an Event Executive to a Strategic Epiphany

How did one long night and a pair of pink pants lead Nicola Kastner, SAP’s former Head of Global Event Strategy, to one of the most important strategic discoveries of her career? You have to read it to believe it.
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In Case You Missed It

Faced with reduced event budgets and rising expectations? Aaron Karpaty, Jifflenow’s Senior Director of Strategic Accounts, gives you the tools to make the case for investing in B2B events.

Watch Here
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Customer Champion


Our customer champion of the month is… Kevin Cassidy, Director of Customer and Product Success! Kevin, who has been with Jifflenow for nine years, went above and beyond to support our customers on-site at MWC, helping reduce their stress load. When Kevin is off the clock, he enjoys spending time with his wife and kids, playing guitar, and reading.



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