On-demand Webinar

Events Canceled due to Coronavirus? Schedule Virtual Meetings with Jifflenow

With more and more events getting canceled, can companies really risk the loss in pipeline and deals moving forward as a result of missed meetings? Jifflenow helps you convert the pre-scheduled face-to-face meetings to virtual ones. With Jifflenow Virtual Meetings, you can now build pipeline, advance and close deals without having to leave your home or office!

In this webinar, our experts show you how Jifflenow is enabling its customers to (re)schedule, manage, and track the in-person meetings from canceled events. Learn how:

  • Meeting Managers can convert the scheduled events into virtual events and extend the dates to accommodate meetings past event dates.
  • Meeting Requesters can reschedule or book new virtual meetings and replace meeting rooms with an online conferencing link.
  • Meeting Managers can seamlessly manage and track all the in-person and virtual meetings from one platform.

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