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For us at Jifflenow, 2023 is off to a flying start! Jifflers have met with customers at events like CES 2023 in Las Vegas, NRF 2023 in New York, ISE 2023 in Barcelona, and more.

CES 2023 showed us that in-person events are back with 3200+ exhibitors and over 115,000 attendees, the show with many new innovative products. Many Jifflenow customers had hotel hospitality suites for invite-only executive meetings and private demos instead of meeting rooms on the exhibit floor. Jifflenow had 38 customers book nearly 7,000 meetings and sessions. One large enterprise led the way with 873 meetings. The best part? All the customers we met raved about Jifflenow.

Scroll down for recommending reading, exciting product updates and photos of Jifflers and our customers on-site at events.

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Jifflers On the Go!

We love meeting with and supporting our customers at the world’s biggest events! Check us out at CES 2023, NRF 2023, and ISE 2023!


Product Update:

This section brings you to our enhancements on the Self-Serve and the Inbound Request Page.
Let’s start with the Self-Serve enhancements:

Ability for Meeting Managers to Self-Serve

To increase Meeting Manager’s productivity and efficiency the major product enhancement enables them to perform many activities in eEvent and eCampaign software without CSM help. We are in the process of migrating customers to self-serve capabilities along with training and documentation.

The key self-serve capabilities are:

  • Self-Create Instances (covered in Feb Newsletter)
  • Self-Configure and Manage Engagement Types (covered in Feb Newsletter)
  • Self-Configure and Edit Notifications (covered in this newsletter)
  • Self-Configure Forms (covered in this newsletter)
  • Self-Configure and Manage IRP (coming in next month newsletter)
  • Delete Staging Instances (coming in next month newsletter)

1 | Self-Configure and Edit Notifications

Notifications in eEvent, and eCampaign software keep all users informed of updates related to meetings and session scheduling and changes. This update allows an MM to self-configure and self-edit meeting and session notifications. While configuring engagement types for an event or campaign instance, meeting managers can now control the email notifications and ICS invites sent to the recipients.

First, a MM can “enable” or “disable” the notifications for different users for each notification template type.



MM can edit the notification templates to customize system-generated notifications of engagements.



  • Selecting defaults instead of Meeting Room Names option can be used to set and customize the default Meeting Room and location name instead of showing the actual meeting location. MMs can also customize fields like Subject, Meeting Location, and Description of the notification email.

The software provide sub-fields to be included in the body of the notification email. The include meeting with, when, who, meeting location or viode conferencing and confidentiality information.

MMs can preview the template, and send a sample email to verify the edits. The default version can be used to rest the template at any time.

For more information, please reach out to your CSM.

2 | Self-Configure Forms

Forms in eEvent and eCampaign software are used to capture important meeting information such as from the meeting requestor (sales or external), or collect attendee feedback. Organization want the ability to configure the forms with fields they need to capture the necessary information.



To make Jifflenow products intuitive and user-friendly, we have now enabled the self-configuration of the following form types:

  • Outbound Meeting Form is used by an internal organization member to schedule meetings with internal or external attendees. By default, the form will include a “Meeting With” field, which is mandatory and cannot be changed or hidden. Other fields can be added, removed, or made as required based on your needs.
  • Inbound Meeting Form helps external people request meetings with your organization's stakeholders or subject matter experts. The Topic of Interest and Additional Information can included by default in this form. Other fields can be customized, added, deleted, or hidden based on the need.
  • Survey Form is used to get feedback from the meeting or session attendees. By default, Feedback/Comments will be in the form element.

Tools are included to Self-Configure the Forms:

  • Form Element - To select the type of field which needs to be added to a form. They are Textbox, Numbers, Textarea, Dropdown, Multiselect, Section break, Header, Date, Time, and Checkbox.
  • Element Properties - This tool customizes the element added to a form. It customizes the Field Label, Field Placeholder, Help text, and Predefined Value.
  • Options - Hide or unhide a field element using options. Also, mark a Field as mandatory, read-only, and include it in the standard report.

Coming Soon!

Inbound Request Page Enhancement

Jifflenow’s IRP (Inbound Request Page) is a end user facing webpage to book a meeting or signup for a session. It enables users to fill out their details (name, email Id, designation, and company name), select the type of engagement and the topic of interest and select an available time slot.
To improve the user experience this update move the collection of requestor details to the last step. The requestor will select the engagement type first, then view and choose from the available time slots, then enter their user details in the final step.

3 Step Inbound Request Page New Flow



Want to learn more?

Customer Champion of the Month


Drumroll please… this month’s customer champion is… Kishore Mohan! As Associate Architect, Kishore helps develop the strategic vision and architectural direction for product development at Jifflenow.

Kishore has been with us for 7 years and loves that his role allows him to be a problem solver. When he’s off the clock, Kishore loves traveling with friends, watching movies and spending time with family.

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Jifflenow’s Experts at Events

Jifflenow event meeting experts will be on-site next month at some of the world’s leading events across a variety of industries, including MWC Barcelona 2023, OFC 2023, ConExpo 2023, Promat 2023, and Game Developers Conference 2023. We look forward to meeting you there!

Speak to your CSM to learn more