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Why Your Event Directors Are Key to Sales Growth

Give your event teams the tools they need to make your event a business success

Event managers and directors are your conference’s air traffic controllers. Except instead of coordinating the departure, arrival and flight patterns of many aircrafts at once, they are quarterbacking meetings between attendees and your company’s product experts, sales teams and between your executives and analysts, media, and partners.

Unfortunately, often times event directors are stuck with manual systems that make visibility into meeting progresses opaque at best. Burdening your event professionals with spreadsheets or expecting to get meetings managed via email clients would be like asking an air traffic controller to wear a blindfold, leading to the following problems:

  • Lack of clarity on agenda, purpose and opportunity for a meeting request that resulted in inadequate internal attendee participation
  • Too many back-and-forth emails to schedule meetings
  • Manual errors (such as time zones) that caused executives to miss important customer meetings
  • Low attendance of scheduled meetings due to insufficient reminders, delayed confirmations, mix up on meeting room and locations, etc.
  • Not having a digitized process to manage these meetings
Why Your Event Directors Are Key to Sales Growth
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