Event Directors Are Key to Sales Growth-1

Why Your Events Fail to Drive Business

Spectacle is seductive, but a Meeting Automation Platform turns attendees into loyal customers

Colossal events, such as OracleWorld, Dreamforce and CES to name a few, can attract upwards to 200,000 attendees and cost millions to produce. They are monumental undertakings. With so much money and resources required to create these large-scale productions, there’s often one question that nags at CMOs and VP of Events:

Is it worth it?

The ultimate goal of these events is to turn attendees into customers by scheduling high-value strategic meetings where customers are connected to the company representatives best suited to understand and solve their business challenges.

Yet, this rarely happens. Often times event attendees are as elusive as Cinderella rushing to and from the Royal Ball. They come, dance the night away, and clandestinely dart off into the night before you’ve even gotten their name. If you’re lucky, they will leave a glass slipper in the form of a business card tossed somewhere forgotten.

With such a historically poor success rate of turning attendees into sales opportunities, VP of Events are often resigned — once the party is over and the stage is bare — to ponder these questions:

  • How can I better recruit customers and prospects to attend, visit, and engage in our events?
  • Why can’t I turn gathered leads into business opportunities?
  • Can I prove and report an event ROI while also holding costs to budget and delivering value from events?
  • Am I getting the right people from my company to participate in these meetings?
  • What tools will help me turn attendees into customers?
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