4 Actionable Ways to Increase Meetings in 2022 Events

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Attendance at 2022 events will continue to be impacted by the pandemic. And event organizers face the challenge of delivering superior experience to both virtual and in-person audiences at 2022 hybrid events. 

71% of event organizers say engaging the in-person and virtual audiences is their biggest challenge. The best way to succeed in 2022 event plans is to implement proven digital solutions for increased audience engagement that directly impact your business objectives.

In this webinar our event meeting experts talks about strategies on customer meetings at hybrid events. 

Watch this webinar to learn:

  • Offer flexible ways for your sales people, and external attendees to book meetings easily

  • Automate workflows, meeting confirmations and reminders

  • Manage nomination and sign ups to tracks and sessions

  • Integrate scheduling tool with Event Reg, Salesforce to sync attendee data for better visibility and reporting