Increasing ROI For Events With ABM Campaigns

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In-Person events are making a stunning comeback but they have become more expensive than ever to attend, exhibit or sponsor. B2B marketers were already under pressure to prove the ROI from events, not in terms of scanned badges but in revenue generation.

Many B2B marketers are turning events into relationship and revenue acceleration opportunities for high-value accounts by embracing ABM strategies and campaigns, by creating more meaningful, tailored interactions.

You can do it too. How?

Watch the recorded webinar by Ravi Chalaka, CMO and VP of Products, Jifflenow to learn why and how events and ABM campaigns need to be combined.

Key Inclusions:

  • Why you should coordinate your events and ABM strategies

  • The importance of ABM and events as shared objectives for sales and marketing

  • Best practices to bridge the digital (ABM) and offline (Events) worlds

  • Offering the right engagement types to match the buyer's journey and personas

  • Top metrics of ABM and event success



Ravi Chalaka,

Chief Marketing Officer at Jifflenow