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How to Increase Organizational Buy-In for B2B Events

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Event executives and marketers are facing an uphill climb dealing with reduced budgets, rising expectations to do more with less, and increased pressure to connect marketing spend with revenue. Meanwhile, inflation has meant that nearly every line item expense needed to pull off a good B2B event has risen in cost. Faced with this impossible task, how do you convince your organization to fully buy-in to B2B events as a strategy and feel confident that you and your team can deliver?

In this 15-minute express webinar, join Aaron Karpaty, Senior Director of Strategic Accounts, as he gives you the tools and setup you need to make the case for B2B events and deliver on that promise. You’ll learn:

  • How some of the biggest brands leverage their B2B event strategy
  • Mistakes to avoid marketing events being viewed as a cost center
  • The framework and talking points to best position marketing events for your C-Suite and other organizational leadership/budget holders



Aaron Karpaty,

Senior Director of Strategic Accounts | Jifflenow



As a strategic leader with over a decade of experience in the B2B event space, Aaron has partnered with some of the biggest titans across the tech, healthcare, finance, and consulting sectors. He knows events — and has the insider knowledge cultivated through years of helping customers with their event strategies.