Enterprises are always looking out for ways to increase the quality and quantity of strategic B2B meetings. This is because B2B meetings advance deals faster and therefore contribute to increased revenue. Organizing large volumes of meetings is complicated and involves several steps that go beyond just a calendar invite.

Meeting requests from sales teams need to be supported and schedules, locations, and experts need to be planned so confirmations are sent on time. Such workflows become particularly challenging when they involve business executives whose availability is always in demand.

In this webinar on May 12th, Wednesday, at 11 AM PST/2 PM EST, our meeting experts will share best practices for automating the process of scheduling customer meetings through highly optimized meeting workflows. Join this webinar, to learn how to leverage:

  • Customized workflows while sending out invites to attendees
  • Advanced workflows such as double bookings, consecutive meetings, partial attendance, etc
  • Workflows for manual and auto-processing of meetings