'Live Engagements' with prospects and customers has emerged as the hot trend again - with the return of in-person events. These real-time conversations between two or more businesses at different stages of the buyer journey, play the most critical role in the marketing mix.

More and more enterprises are gearing up to tap the potential of live engagements for marketing success. They have now realized that these engagements are the crux of all activities at events and lead to opportunities and sales pipeline.

In this webinar, our meeting expert shared strategies to automate the generation of live engagements to advance sales opportunities at events and in marketing campaigns.

Watch this webinar, to learn:

  • Why are live engagements critical to converting your digital engagements into business opportunities?
  • What are the types of live engagements that marketers must add to their marketing mix?
  • What are the ways to drive real-time interactions that advance sales at trade shows, and conferences?
  • How is live engagement managed at in-person, virtual, or hybrid events?
  • And lastly, how do you sync live engagement data with business-critical apps?