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Hopefully you had a wonderful holiday season––and hopefully your travel plans didn’t involve Southwest Airlines. Besides severe weather, did you know a severely outdated scheduling system was behind their $825 million meltdown? “This could be a lot more automated,” commented the host of The Daily, the NY Times’ podcast. We couldn’t agree more!

At Jifflenow, we’re flying high to start off 2023. We’ll be at several events next month, and we’re also excited about new enhancements to features and user experience. Read on for ways to connect, highly anticipated product updates, and a can’t-miss blog on marketing-sales collaboration to maximize event outcomes.


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Live Webinar:

How to Increase Organizational Buy-In for B2B Events

February 28th, Tuesday at 10 AM PT/ 1 PM ET

Faced with reduced budgets and rising expectations, how do YOU as event executives and marketers convince your organization to fully buy-in to B2B events? Join Aaron Karpaty, Jifflenow’s Senior Director of Strategic Accounts, as he gives you the tools to make the case for B2B events and deliver on that promise.

What’s new with Jifflenow Products

Drumroll, please. This newsletter has two big announcements that will help you be a more productive meeting manager.

P1 | Self-Create Event or Campaign Instances

Jifflenow products, eEvent enables Event Marketing Managers to automate meeting scheduling and sessions at events, while eCampaign enables Demand Generation Managers to automate registration for multiple webinars and meeting request processing for digital campaigns all year.

To effectively manage, schedule, and report B2B meetings or sessions in eEvent and eCampaign software, the process starts with creating an event or campaign instance.

With this update, we have made the instance creation process intuitive and user-friendly. It will help you to self-create, manage and modify event and campaign instances.

We are super excited to announce the first of many capabilities that make Jifflenow eEvent and eCampaign into self-serve products, which are a major ask from our customers. This capability will be rolled out for each customer along with necessary training. Your customer success manager will contact you to find time to set it up.

Let's take a quick look at how we made creating an instance a self-serve feature.

There are two ways to create a new instance:

  • Use a blank option. This option creates all the meeting types and related settings using eEvent defaults.
  • Use a past event or campaign to replicate the engagement types, notifications, and forms to create a new instance.

Complete the instance configuration by adding new details, like instance name, dates, location, etc., and test in a “staging” environment before going “live.”

Reach out to your CSM for more information.


P2 | Self-Configure and Manage Engagement Types

B2B engagements help organizations achieve desired outcomes. Jifflenow products eEvent and eCampaign can now enable Meeting Managers(MM) to create and manage different types of meetings and sessions to optimize engagements with external participants.

With this update, MMs can:

  • Create a new engagement type by selecting a predefined meeting or session template, filling in the essential details like assigning access to the roles, and determining the display order for the requestor.


  • Configure an engagement type by editing details like location settings, participants, options, approval process, topic options, surveys, and advanced settings like video conferencing details, book meeting instructions, reasons to cancel and decline the meeting, notifications, and privileges.

Want to learn more?

Customer Champion of the Month

Screenshot 2023-01-31 at 12.20.57 PM

Golden Globes? How about our Golden Jifflers! A hearty congratulations to our Customer Champion of the Month: Ethan Nutter!

Ethan, who joined Jifflenow in 2016, is one of our star CSMs. Jifflenow’s customer Carmen Ingerman, the Events Lead for Global Brand Experience from Snap, recently said, “Ethan is a treat to work with.” Ethan is proud that his efforts make a difference for our customers and Jifflenow alike. In his words, “Our company and clients, everyone wins!” When he’s off the clock, Ethan is a thrill seeker, enjoying snowboarding, hiking, and cycling… but he also likes to slow down with a nice cigar.

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Jifflenow’s Event Meeting Experts at Events

Jifflenow event meeting experts will be on-site next month at some of the world’s leading events across a variety of industries, including ISE Barcelona 2023, Distributech International 2023, and MWC Barcelona 2023. We look forward to meeting you there!

Speak to your CSM to learn more